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Episode 1 - If That Were A Bear, It'd All Be OverEdit

Ayumu talking to Kazuma while waiting for the bus to Yorozuyo Inn
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Ui explaining why her homemade muffins taste cheesy.
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Ayumu and Kazuma move to Yorozuyo Inn in the countryside.

Episode 2 - It Shouldn't Taste Like CheeseEdit

Kazuma and Ayumu hang out with their new friends after being toured around town.

Episode 3 - Acorns Hurt More Than You ThinkEdit

Koyori shouting at Kazuma from up a tree.
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Kazuma meets Koyori, one of his guide's little sisters.

Episode 4 - Met with a bear and had a chatEdit

Kazuma meets Hina for the first time.
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Kazuma meets one of his seniors, Hina Sakai.

Episode 5 - Red Bean Soup And Eel And Wedding DressEdit

Admiration for competitors in the Hikonan Race
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Kazuma takes part in the Hikonan Race with Ayumu cheering him on.

Episode 6 - When the Bucket DropsEdit

Everyone eating at Yorozuyo Inn after a long study session.
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The group have a long study session to revise for the final exams.

Episode 7 - The Pink NyanboboEdit

The group prepare for a trip to Honchou, a big city.
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Everyone heads down to the big city Henchou to take their minds off of their exam results.

Episode 8 - Butt in with OO (blank)!Edit

The group spend a day at the beach!
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The group take off for the beach!

Episode 9 - Yellow Jackets Are DiuranaiEdit

Hina's father and Kazuma having a tug-of-war
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Hina runs away from home.

Episode 10 - A Ring, Floating...Edit

Kasane, Daigo and Koyori spying on Modoka and Kazuma's 'date'
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Daigo, Kasane and Koyori set Madoka and Kazuma up on a date.

Episode 11 - Wet From The RainEdit

Ibuki persuading Kazuma to take her to Honchou, after she missed the previous trip due to her archery club.
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Ibuki and Kazuma go to Henchou, as Ibuki could not make the last trip.

Episode 12 - A Starry Bridge in the Night SkyEdit

The Yamabiko Festival takes place, and Kazuma and Ui confess to each other.

Kazuma and Ui kiss under the starry night sky <3
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